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Tooth Extractions in Chicago, IL

Tooth extractions are only recommended by your dentists if the tooth cannot be saved; it is important that these procedures are pursued sooner rather than later. Tooth extractions may be recommended if the tooth has become broken or fractured, if the tooth contains severe dental decay, or if the tooth’s nerve has died.

The length of your visit will depend on the complexity of the procedure. When you schedule an extraction at our practice, our team will present a variety of anesthetic options for your procedure. Our team will also make sure your procedure goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. Our primary goal is to make sure you are comfortable and happy with your smile once the tooth extraction is done.

After your procedure, your mouth is likely to feel additional sensitivity. Our dentists will make sure to provide you with a suitable recovery plan for your gums as well as some solutions for your extracted tooth. If you need a tooth extraction, schedule an appointment with our office today!

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